Tuesday, March 29, 2016

3/26-3/28: The First Three Sessions

S and I have now experienced three dedicated nursing sessions, moving from suckling into the journey of lactation; both he and I are committed to the induction process, and understand that this will take patience and understanding, love, affection, and proper suckling on his part.  Since the night of March 26, our routine has not fluctuated nor varied, and he has nursed for 15-20 minutes at each breast during our scheduled feeding time.

This is morning number four (which will, of course, lead to our fourth feeding around 11 p.m. tonight), and I am experiencing slight emotional changes, something akin to the "nesting" urges I experienced while pregnant with my children. S has been so loving and even more attentive; extra tender and affectionate. I feel euphoric, relaxed, and experiencing the need to nurse.

As for physical changes, my nipples are perpetually erect, and I have begun to feel slightly prickling tingles that remind me of the familiar let-down reflex I experienced when breastfeeding my children. There is slight swelling and a bit of tenderness in the right breast. My body has always produced a lot of prolactin, and I wonder if this has caused such sudden changes? I am certainly enjoying the experience and so is S! He told me how very beautiful I looked this morning; maybe I look this way to him because of my role as his loving wife, or maybe it is because I am nurturing him so wholly and unashamedly. His love and adoration have grown ever more encompassing, and I would spend every moment of each day with him if I could.

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