Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ample Endowments...and Nursing

When I chose to breastfeed, a decision that I made as soon as my test showed a + sign during my first pregnancy, I wanted to be completely informed on the subject, knowing that I wanted my baby to be an exclusively nursed, around the clock feeder. S was very encouraging of this, and joined me during meetings with my lactation consultants when his work schedule allowed.  Right after baby was born, we met with a lactation specialist named Christy, who was open, supportive, encouraging, and really funny.

I had to nurse the baby while she was there to advise and assist, and as soon as my breasts were bared, Christy took a step back and said, "Oh, my! Don't YOU have wonderful equipment--your breasts were made for nursing."

We laughed, and after Christy assisted with baby's latch, she said, "I think we need to fix you up with a nursing ring."

I had envisioned cuddling baby against me in a cradle hold while he nursed, but the reality was, I was a bit TOO endowed to do so comfortably. Because I wasn't a fan of the Boppy pillow, Christy introduced me to a variety of nursing positions, including the football hold and reclining side by side, that worked perfectly for us. I was still able to keep baby very close to me and stroke his little head while making the feeding process easy and relaxed. (A tense and frustrated mother makes for a non-lactating mother and THAT makes for a tense and frustrated baby--never a good combination!)

The truth is, nursing can be quite challenging for the larger-breasted woman (even in an ANR). It is a myth that larger breasts produce more milk than smaller breasts. It IS a reality, however, that there is A LOT of breast available (and left over), as your partner nurses, but the same basic "amount" of breast is needed to sustain, regardless of size. This is why the proper latch, correct suckling, and position is so important in an ANR when both partners wish to induce lactation.

You would think it would be easier to nurse a grown man than it is to feed a newborn, wouldn't you? After all, S is extremely dependent; he can arrange my breast to his liking and knows to lift and support it if necessary, but that isn't always practical, especially if the nursing partner suffers neck and back pain (as S does, due to a work-related injury). And it isn't always comfortable for the nursing woman, either, and above all, HER comfort is of the utmost importance! This is about BOTH of you; it is a partnership in every aspect.

In our particular case, we have found that side by side reclining with the aid of a pillow beneath my shoulder is a wonderful position that works well for us. It is soothing and relaxing and it allows me the ability to stroke and caress S' head and back as he feeds.

But there are moments when I prefer NOT to lie down, and would rather sit up and cradle him in my arms; to be able to nurse comfortably in this way, we rely on a "propping" technique that we learned from Christy nearly 14 years ago.

If you need or wish for greater support during nursing sessions, it is really beneficial to use a hand towel or receiving blanket as leverage. Fold the towel or blanket (what I prefer because it is soft and there is more material to work with) lengthwise and then roll it into a rope. Lift your breast high and place the blanket beneath and behind it, bracing it firmly against the wall of the breast. (You can find the breast wall by sliding your hand beneath your breast and gently pushing; it is at the base of the breast and feels a bit hard and muscular, above the ribs) If braced properly, you will be able to allow your breast to fall naturally, and it will lift it beautifully, offering a lot of freedom. This works especially well for us during the nights when S nurses to sleep. He can fully relax without manual support, and rather than hold the breast for him, my hands are free to roam, which is SO nice! I revel in the feel of his skin and hair. When his feeding is complete, his mouth will either fall naturally away from the breast or I can gently detach him.

There is no right or wrong way to nurse your partner--there are only comfortable positions and finding the one that works for you! All breasts are BEAUTIFUL--and so are loving and committed ANRs!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Proper Latch

Breast play is a beautiful and intimate part of any loving relationship--sensual and erotic for both partners. I am so fortunate that S ADORES my breasts, and throughout the entirety of our relationship, I have made them available to him. Our relationship has always been based on mutual love and respect in an open and giving environment. To deny him the breasts that he worships and gains such pleasure from would be wrong; because of this, he understands that he can stroke, nuzzle, kiss, and caress them as his needs arise. He not only finds them beautiful, but comforting, and I absolutely love to cradle his head against them.

As wonderful and titillating (no pun intended) as erotic breast play and nipple sucking for pleasure is, it is NOT conducive to lactation inducing in an ANR. To aid in bringing about--or increasing--milk supply, your partner must suckLE rather than merely suck. Believe me, there is a difference!

Women are amazing creatures, complex at times, yes, but fascinating. Our minds work in an oddly powerful manner, which is why, I believe, that we can differentiate between breast stimulation for fun  and breast stimulation for nurturing. S quickly learned the difference, too; when I was breastfeeding our children, he was very attentive and often cuddled up with me and the babies while they fed. This close observation allowed S the opportunity to either nurse or merely engage in exciting sex play. He usually chose both! The proper latch is crucial to milk production, and S is REALLY good at it! When I teasingly asked him how he became such a latching pro, he laughed and said, "I learned a lot from watching our children."

This is actually very sound advice! I would suggest this to any man who is interested in embarking on a loving ANR journey, particularly those who are fortunate enough to have breastfeeding wives. Become involved with baby's feedings, watch how baby attaches himself to Mom's breast and pay close attention to the slow, steady rhythm of a nursing session. If your wife visits with a lactation consultant, join her.  It will be beneficial in many aspects of your relationship as a couple and a family.

In most cases, humans are born with an instinct to suckle, but over time as we mature and rely less on the breast for nourishment, we sort of "forget" how to latch and suckle, losing the initial instinct. Fortunately, it can be re-learned! And although it is the woman's job to make milk, it is her husband's duty to bring that milk FROM the breast. (See now why an ANR can be such a bonding journey for any loving couple? It really is a dedicated joint effort, something the two of you do together, something that only you share.)

The first thing that a nursing partner must remember is that milk does NOT come FROM the nipple. It simply flows THROUGH it. Harsh, rigorous sucking is futile and can actually cause milk ducts to collapse; in some cases, the breast can be damaged. if your goal is to induce lactation, I would suggest that couples save harsher nipple play/sucking for sexual encounters only.

When S nurses, he opens his mouth quite wide and takes as much of my breast in as he comfortably can, creating a seal around the areola. He then rolls his tongue back, bringing my nipple against the roof of his mouth, which applies the pressure required to stimulate milk flow. He suckles gently, falling into a sweet and slow rhythm, and will use his hand to apply firm, but gentle, stroking pressure to aid in bringing the milk forward and through the nipple. Minimum force is needed; harsh suckling, even used within a proper latch, is counterproductive--and painful! He is so attuned with and adept at nursing that he rests, with my breast still in his mouth, before picking up his perfect rhythm again. It's difficult not to grow extremely excited while nursing, especially when you've tasted the first drops of milk, but continue with the soft, slow rhythmic pattern without increasing pressure or pace. If S detaches temporarily, he re-latches properly before he continues with his feeding. As his loving milk maid, I encourage him with soft words, little kisses, and gentle caresses to remind him of how wonderful he is and how perfectly he is nursing.

As a woman who has had her breasts sucked AND suckLED, I know the sensation of a proper latch. During erotic breast play, the lips and tongue often focus on tickling and flicking the nipple; a proper latch feels as if a suction cup has been placed over your breast. The fit of mouth against breast is tight with no gaps at either side. The stimulation is deep, encompassing the entire breast rather than just the nipple.  My breast flattens somewhat as S draws on it, which encourages proper milk production and flow, and I often feel deep uterine contractions that are similar to the pulsing waves of an orgasm,  but stronger and more intense. If you are nursing your partner to induce lactation and wonder if he is latched properly, and you just happen to understand the feelings I described, then I'm sure he is doing very well!

Communication is an important part of any loving and committed ANR, so if something doesn't feel "right" or has made you uncomfortable, let your partner know. Learn the proper latch together, and feed him your breast to assist him. When attempting to give the breast to their baby or husband, some women think that they should grasp and pull back, flattening the breast and extending the nipple; in reality, the breast should be cupped at either side of the areola, extending it into more of a cone shape, and brought into the mouth. Remember, it's been a long time since he was nursed (if ever), so remain patient and loving and gentle. If he falls off rhythm and sucks at the nipple only, gently reattach him properly. Learning to nurse is part of the fun involved in an ANR!

It can take a bit of time to perfect the proper latch and find the correct rhythm, and sometimes even longer to induce lactation, but try not to become discouraged or frustrated; love, patience, and understand are key to any successful ANR. Relax and enjoy one another, and always remember that nursing is a beautiful thing.

Lactation Induction Techniques

If milk production is the ultimate goal within the loving bonds of your personal ANR, you will be very glad to know that there are a variety of techniques available to aid in the induction of lactation. There is a lot of information out there, and it can be quite daunting to sort through everything that is offeted, as opinions on re-lactation difficulty, the use of herbal supplements, and the most effective methods of inducing varies greatly. If you are planning to induce lactation, I would suggest that you try a variety of techniques, including a set nursing schedule, to find the method that works best for you.

Here are six wonderful means of inducing lactation that you might find helpful. Clicking each technique will take you to my updated articles. :)








You can also learn more about LACTATION TRAINING

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Life as a Nursing Couple

Does it seem that I am breast and nursing obsessed? Judging from my posts, I'm sure you would think so. I haven't bothered to count the times that I have written the words "breast" and "nursing", but if I did, I'm fairly confident the number would be high. In my defense, though, this IS an ANR blog, so it makes perfect sense that my posts focus on boobs, right? When you are in a committed ANR, it is difficult not to be at least SLIGHTLY obsessed (obsessed doesn't seem to be the word that I am looking for, but it will suffice for now) with the lifestyle; after all, a great deal of your time becomes dedicated to nursing another human being, and that is no different than nursing a little one. When my children were breastfeeding, I was a notorious clock watcher, and as the time for their feedings drew near, my mind would immediately remind me: "it's time to feed the baby". That routine became so natural, so instinctive, that clocks and watches no longer became necessary. I simply KNEW when my child was hungry; they didn't need to utter even the tiniest cry.

And that is how it is with S in our ANR. Nursing is a given occurrence. Once we decided to embark upon and re-explore our journey together, he simply KNOWS that I will be available to him at 11:00 each night. He doesn't have to ask to be nursed, and I don't have to remind him that it is time for his feeding. We simply snuggle down, both of us finding the most comfortable of positions, and I offer my breast to him. When he has fed from both sides, we often drift off to sleep, secure in our love for one another.

As we have stayed on our nursing schedule and my body has begun to show very early signs of change, I am much more focused on nursing, much more attuned to my breasts' needs. S is at work right now, but if he were home, I would suggest that he nurse now (and then again tonight) because I am feeling emotional and my breasts "think" they need to be emptied. As enticing as it might be to engage in around the clock nursing, it just isn't practical, so although it may SEEM that the entirety of our marriage revolves around nursing, that could not be further from the truth.

On the surface, we are just an average couple with many obligations; children to raise, bills to pay, gardens to tend, and lawns to mow. S works outside of the home, I work within it. We discuss the children's grades and allowance, politics, current events, and the price of gasoline. We plan vacations, enjoy family game night, and Friday night kid-friendly movies with our offspring. During the day, I am busy with school work, laundry, and toy picking up, managing to fit in a bit of candle making, knitting, and writing here and there. It just so happens that within all of this mundane, there is a time for adult intimacy and bonding in the form of nursing. It is such a natural part of our everyday life; it reminds me of what we have created TOGETHER within the bonds of marriage, and it is thrilling.

3/26-3/28: The First Three Sessions

S and I have now experienced three dedicated nursing sessions, moving from suckling into the journey of lactation; both he and I are committed to the induction process, and understand that this will take patience and understanding, love, affection, and proper suckling on his part.  Since the night of March 26, our routine has not fluctuated nor varied, and he has nursed for 15-20 minutes at each breast during our scheduled feeding time.

This is morning number four (which will, of course, lead to our fourth feeding around 11 p.m. tonight), and I am experiencing slight emotional changes, something akin to the "nesting" urges I experienced while pregnant with my children. S has been so loving and even more attentive; extra tender and affectionate. I feel euphoric, relaxed, and experiencing the need to nurse.

As for physical changes, my nipples are perpetually erect, and I have begun to feel slightly prickling tingles that remind me of the familiar let-down reflex I experienced when breastfeeding my children. There is slight swelling and a bit of tenderness in the right breast. My body has always produced a lot of prolactin, and I wonder if this has caused such sudden changes? I am certainly enjoying the experience and so is S! He told me how very beautiful I looked this morning; maybe I look this way to him because of my role as his loving wife, or maybe it is because I am nurturing him so wholly and unashamedly. His love and adoration have grown ever more encompassing, and I would spend every moment of each day with him if I could.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Inducing Lactation: Intimacy vs. Milk

If you have ever read up on the subject of Adult Nursing Relationships, I'm sure you will find that loving couples worldwide agree that the journey is about the INTIMACY not the milk. There are non-lactating women--and their partners--who enjoy an ANR as much as their lactating counterparts do. When it comes to lactation in an ANR, the decision to produce milk is a very personal one, and sometimes as private as the journey itself. All women are unique, and there can be a multitude of reasons as to why a woman chooses NOT to lactate. Although I plan to post more in-depth on techniques to induce lactation, this particular entry focuses more on the intimacy versus milk issue.

And here is a typical question regarding such a personal decision: "Why would you bother to nurse your husband if he isn't drinking anything anyway?" To this, we in an ANR can answer with the standby reply: "Because it is about intimacy, NOT milk." And this is true.

 In a previous post, I wrote that I have both dry and wet nursed my husband, S. We enjoyed both aspects of our ANR, but the truth is, S REALLY loves breast milk. He loves the taste, the temperature  and texture, and adores the breasts that it flows from. And because it brings him so much pleasure, and because I don't mind the slight inconvenience that comes with lactation, we have decided to induce. I breastfed all three of our children until each of them were 2 years old, so I am familiar with the tingling let-down reflex, the leakage, the fullness, nursing pads and pumps. Breastfeeding was a very big commitment; my boobs were made available upon demand, and I even became so adept at nursing that I was able to breastfeed while vacuuming! Aside from the benefits of natural antibodies, vitamins, and nutrients fed to my children through my milk, we shared a beautiful bond that can never be broken--or understood unless you have held a suckling baby to your bare breast.

This was the bond that S hoped to share with me, and why we chose to enjoy a beautiful ANR.

Sex, particularly the casual sort, will NEVER offer the intimacy that nursing provides. There is a misconception about nudity, breasts, and sex in our society; intimacy is a lost art form, replaced by the mechanics of loveless intercourse. Nursing seems to get caught up in the melee of a society that sells boobs for erotic purposes, and it can be quite confusing, particularly when a baby is breastfed just before his father is fed from those same breasts.

This may be another reason that women choose NOT to lactate within the bounds of their ANR; the balance between sexuality and nurturing can be precarious. For me, breastfeeding my children AND their father was beautiful and intimate, but NEVER sexual. When I nurse S, it is done in a nurturing way, similar to feeding a child. It brings us closer, creating a bond of adoration and closeness that is difficult to explain, and when I am lactating and able to NOURISH as well as nurture, I am filled with a euphoric empowerment;  I have never felt so feminine, so accomplished as when I am nursing another person. And S is in awe of it.

In our ANR, we separate intimacy from sexuality, and this is our personal preference.  There have been times when a lovemaking session has followed an adult nursing, just as there were times when we made love after the children were fed, but neither was used as foreplay. After S has nursed, we take a moment to enjoy the effects of nurturing intimacy before we engage in sexual intimacy. If you have nursed a child, you will understand the separation. There is love and tenderness and closeness in a nursing session, but passion and fire in lovemaking. Breast play and nipple sucking as foreplay does not induce lactation as proper latching and suckling does during a nursing session.

I had considered the possibility of induced lactation in the past, but because of S' willingness to dry nurse, milk became less of a priority. Now, lactation is an option we have chosen to explore. The truth is, I am an over-achiever and I want to feed him so badly that the fear of "failing" to produce milk has threatened to rear its ugly head and bring stress into our lovely ANR. I refuse to allow this to happen. Although I am eager to produce milk, having S suckle from me is enough to sustain my need for intimacy. When I was pregnant, I produced milk (and a lot of it!) very early on; so much that I could express and "spray" throughout all trimesters. I produce an abundance of prolactin, which I hope proves useful now that I am open to lactation induction.

I have read that it is entirely possible for childless women to produce milk, and have heard that various herbs (such as fenugreek) are known to aid in lactation. At this point, I am relying on S and a set nursing schedule to induce my milk supply. Perhaps some of this is "mind over matter"; during S' nursing sessions, I envision my body producing milk for his nourishment, and I allow myself the opportunity to relax as he lies in my arms.

Enjoy your journey into your personal ANR, and luxuriate in the intimacy it brings!

The Nursing Schedule

After deciding to re-open our ANR, and considering our options (whether I would dry or wet nurse him specifically), we elected to induce lactation. This process in itself takes a great deal of consideration and commitment, but as much as he enjoys suckling, S told me that he would like to drink as well as nurse, and because I am not opposed to lactating, even with the added challenges it may bring, I agreed to induce.

Although I plan to discuss lactation within a loving ANR in a future post, I am focusing on the adult nursing schedule, which is key to an ANR, particularly if you plan to induce lactation. There are several blogs and forums available for reference,  but the best example of an adult nursing schedule I found comes from The Land of Milk and Honey. To be able to fully experience and take advantage of the site, you will be asked to pay a $5.00 membership fee, but the owners/admin generously shared their advice on nursing schedules, and I'm sure that anyone, no matter how hectic their life is, will be able to find a routine that works perfectly for them.

S and I have a  very set in stone schedule. He leaves for work Monday through Friday at 7 a.m. and comes home at 5:30 p.m. During these hours, the children are schooled and I have my own work obligations. Dinner as a family takes place at 6 p.m. and bedtime follows at 9:00 for the children. Because we are very involved parents, we aren't afforded the opportunity to snuggle together on the couch for a nursing session between the hours of seven and nine; instead, S and I agreed that our daily nursing schedule will involve night feedings, and because he nursed at 11 p.m. on March 26 and we were hoping to embark on our journey and induce lactation as soon as possible, we set 11:00 as our targeted nursing time. This works out perfectly for us, as it is a wonderful stress-reliever, which may either lead to lovemaking or sleep.

We both understand the IMPORTANCE of the nursing schedule. To induce lactation, you MUST adhere to your schedule...for an entire month. The advice that I received from The Land of Milk and Honey outlined an incredibly simple 24 +/-2.4 hours nursing schedule. S and I agreed that this schedule (combined with our set time) will work out beautifully for us, particularly since the children visit their grandparents every Saturday; this means that we can indulge in a lovely nursing session around 8:45 p.m. if we don't want to wait until 11. On the other hand, if we've had a late night, he will still be able to nurse around 1 a.m. without fear of disrupting our schedule. Not only did I find the flexibility encouraging, I appreciated the fact that once a day nursing is as effective as round the clock feedings because as much as I would love to have S at my breast 24 hours a day, it is simply not practical.

As if sharing the knowledge that I am S' loving milk maid wasn't enough information to share, I'll admit that I am obsessed with organization and list-making and routines, so this nursing schedule is absolutely ideal for me. It saves so much trouble and avoids what I view as complications and confusion. I am the sort of person who likes to know exactly when things are going to happen, and our set nursing time really eases my mind. I don't have to worry about "fitting this in" to our already busy lifestyle; it is simply going to happen, and it gives me something to look forward to during the day.

If schedules are stressful to you, then an ANR with the intent of lactation might not be what you seek. Perhaps nursing sessions for intimacy and personal enjoyment when time permits may be more to your liking. ANRs are NEVER meant to be stressful; quite the contrary. They are meant to be loving, intimate, bonding, and relaxing. If a schedule doesn't seem to work for you, don't do it! Simply focus on intimacy--not milk! You DO NOT have to lactate to fully enjoy an adult nursing relationship; I have both dry AND wet nursed, and both experiences were equally amazing. Initially, we were planning for S to merely comfort nurse, which simply meant that my breasts would be available for him to suckle as he chose, and if lactation is never induced, we will continue our ANR as it stands.

Remember, a schedule is a COMMITMENT. You MUST nurse at least 9 out of 10 times during scheduled nursings IF lactation is your ultimate goal. I plan to follow this 10%, 24 +/-2.4 hours routine for the next 30 days and update my blog after our nursing sessions.

If you have any other suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Please leave your comments below or email me.

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Nursing the Masculine Man

When connecting with others who are thinking of embarking on an ANR--or are simply curious about  it--I have discovered a lot of concern regarding emasculation, a terrible stigma that involves "seeing" your husband as "less of a man" simply because he suckles from the breast. One woman even questioned whether she would be able to see her husband in the same way, particularly since he has taken on the dominant role as "head of the household". I don't question or judge her feelings regarding this stigma, nor do I take offense at her concerns. I do believe, however, if you are experiencing these troubling thoughts, then an ANR is probably not for you.

I am married to an extremely masculine man; as a matter of fact, even S' job fits into the stereotypical "man mold". S is tall and strong, very motivated and career-oriented. He is a wonderful man, a fantastic husband, dedicated father, and excellent provider. In our home, and because of our personal spiritual and religious beliefs, I do consider him the head of our household. I rely on him for so much as my strength, life partner, and helpmate. For me, it seems so natural to allow him to take on that masculine role; when we married almost 15 years ago, I chose to be a stay at home wife and mother, a luxury that S afforded to me. Because of this, I see my role in our home as the caregiver. I cook and prepare brown bag lunches, I clean the house, do the laundry, tend to my flower beds and garden, and homeschool our children. Since it is my role to nurture, and because I take care of his other needs, nursing my husband seems to be a very natural part of our life together. Allowing him to feed from my breasts is just one more thing that I can provide for him, and when he is lying in my arms, our skin touching, our limbs entertained, I view him as a loving man who is enjoying my body in every way that he possibly can.

S is very comfortable with his masculinity; he was raised by good German people, but in a very austere environment where physical affection was not shown. When we first met, he was surprised by my love of hand-holding, back rubbing, hair stroking, and soft stolen kisses. I think he was even more surprised by himself--he soon realized how much he enjoyed my physical attention. We have always had a very affectionate relationship and it has extended to our children. I think his love of nursing began when he first watched me breastfeed our oldest son. He envied the bond, the closeness, and was amazed that I was able to nourish and sustain another human life.

It truly is empowering.

To nurse a masculine man, he must first be comfortable with his own masculinity. An ANR is not about "mommy issues"; it's about the strong bond of intimacy. Perhaps, while nursing, it's the one time that he doesn't HAVE to be strong. He can let his guard down, allow the weight of the world to slip from his shoulders,  and relax. There are no bills to pay, no hinges to tighten, no lawns to mow...there is nothing but his wife's skin, her scent, her willingness to love...and THAT is a beautiful thing...and a way for the man to rejuvenate and prepare for the next day when, during normal 9-5 hours, he is expected to be a "man's man". Archaic, perhaps, but a reality.

I have found that many people think of breast milk as "gross". I can't understand how nutrient-enriched milk from a woman's breasts can be viewed as nastier than a jug of homogenized milk pumped from a cow's rubbery udders. It's laughable, really, that someone can easily enjoy a farm animal's milk, but wince at the mete thought of sampling a woman's milk. This may stem from the fact that breasts have become sexually objectified; people don't seem to remember that breasts, although lovely to look at, have always been intended to sustain human life. When my third child was born, I had an abundance of milk; not only did the baby nurse, I was able to express and stock pile my supply. As a matter of fact, I had so much milk that I gave it to my older children in their cups. S even put some in his morning coffee!

S is viewed as very masculine in his work place, which employs an all-male work force, and one of his co-workers recently became the father of a breastfed baby. Shop talk ensued, and S learned that his co-worker is adverse to breast milk; he doesn't mind that baby is fed "from the tap", but he steers clear of it. The fact that his wife is nursing has impeded rather than enhanced their sex life. This talk allowed S the opportunity to offer his opinion on breast milk; he told his co-workers that he loved the taste, that he enjoyed watching our children nurse, and reactions to this varied from curiosity to revulsion; he was teasingly accused of being "freaky" and "kinky".  S took the ribbing in stride, even taking the opportunity to defend his opinion on breast milk. The stories, particularly the ones in which his co-workers come to him and broach the subject of "boob juice", make me wonder how many of them really have a secret desire to sample the goods or nurse, but are too insecure to admit it. If this is the case, it's such a shame; the male species should never limit or deny themselves pleasure based on societal stigma or the fear of emasculation. For me, there is nothing sexier than a
man who knows himself, his desires, and indulges in them without fear or shame.

The ANR is a very personal journey, and as comfortable as S and I are with it, it is still a very private part of our married life, one that is not meant to be shared with others. It is much different than adult breastfeeding and role play; for us, it is not a fetish or something that is done merely for pleasure. It is an intimate bonding experience that has brought my husband and I closer. I never thought I could be
more in love with S than I was before, but I am. He is my masculine man.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Nursing Wife

I wonder why it is, in a society such as ours, when it seems that "anything goes", that a woman's breasts, particularly if used for comfort and nurturing, are taboo? It seems ridiculous to me, and I'll unashamedly admit that I LOVE my boobs! Although I am fairly petite, I was blessed with naturally large (DDD) and extremely sensitive breasts. I developed much earlier than other girls my age, but I always embraced my "bountiful fruits" as a symbol of my femininity; as much as I have always loved my boobs--and their size--I never felt that they were meant for just ANYONE to worship and enjoy. As a matter of fact, I kept them carefully tucked away (well, as much as you can keep a pair of jumbo jugs tucked away) until I met the man who later became my husband. I have found that as much as I love my tatas, HE loves them even more. I like to remind "S", as I will refer to him, that before I came into his life, he was a self-proclaimed butt man. And he will admit that boobs were never really his "thing"--until he saw mine.

My husband is a gracious and generous lover who spends long moments fondling, caressing, kissing, and suckling my breasts. He reaches for them during the day, brushing his fingers against them through my shirt and rests his cheek on them at night. I love the attention, the incredible sensation, and my awareness of my own womanhood soars whenever I am reminded of his love for my breasts. Some of the Mother Earth emotions that I experience while S is dutifully tending to my needs stem from the fact that I am a very nurturing person by nature, and nurturing the man that I love seems as normal and natural to me as nurturing our three children.

Our journey into a loving Adult Nursing Relationship (ANR) was not a planned path, but one that we discovered by chance when I was pregnant with our first child 14 years ago. Neither of us had had children; I had never been pregnant before and he had never been with a pregnant lady before, so both of us were very eager to explore my changing body--and the experience was AMAZING.

I lactated very early in my pregnancy, and began to produce actual milk by the beginning of my fourth month. S was amazed, and when the first glistening drops sprang from my nipples, he practically DEVOURED me! My milk flow continued throughout my entire pregnancy, and S enjoyed suckling and gently squeezing my boobs, drinking what came so freely to him, and I was able to nurse our son without incident from the moment he was born.

As my milk supply increased, S became even more enamored with my breasts. In the evening, after our son had been fed, it became a routine for me to nurse my husband. Not only was it very sensual and loving, it was extremely empowering to know that I could nurture and nourish two beautiful people. S loved the taste of my milk, which was warm and sweet and sugary, and would let it trickle into my mouth as we kissed. Not only did my husband's nursing help to increase my milk supply, it prevented me from suffering from engorgement. Somehow, without saying a word to one another, we began an adult nursing relationship, and it seemed that nothing could be more beautiful or natural.

I was able to wet nurse my husband for a total of six years--throughout three pregnancies and the breastfeeding that ensued. When our youngest child was weaned at the age of two five years ago, our schedules became so hectic as we juggled parenthood, a new mortgage, work, and school, our ANR began to suffer. S and I still enjoyed love making (with plenty of tit play), but he no longer nursed. I missed breastfeeding him AND the baby, but both seemed equipped to move forward without the aid of my boobs, so I didn't pursue the issue.

Until a month ago.

S and I were cuddling together on the sofa, totally relaxed and attuned, and I unbuttoned my blouse and offered  him my left breast. Without hesitation, he nuzzled closer and latched on, cupping my breast with his hand as he suckled. It was so wonderful that after he had finished, I fed him my right breast, and he nursed from that side, too.

We didn't indulge in nursing again until last night.

I had had a very stressful day, and as we were lying in bed together, I suggested that he relax and let me nurse him. When he seemed eager, I took off my nightgown, settled  back, and nursed him until he fell asleep at my breast. I was eager to discuss reopening our ANR, but it had to wait until the following morning.

I was stunned to find out that S was as eager to discuss our encounter as I was--and I was thrilled to learn that S had been hoping to proceed with our nursing relationship; he'd wanted to for quite a while, but hadn't wanted to bring it up. It was nice to discuss the topic so freely and so openly,
without embarrassment or shame. We chatted about the intimacy and closeness we hoped to gain from our ANR, decided on schedules, considered the option of inducing lactation, and opted for an open nursing relationship--one in which S will be able to nurse freely in the night without asking my permission.

And THIS is how I once again became a nursing wife. I will be feeding S later tonight, and I am eager to share this experience with him once more.